How to get the most from CSR via Social Media


(source: PageLizard)

As corporate social responsibility (CSR) and social media collide, company’s need to make sure they are ahead of the game and know what to do when it comes to getting the most from their CSR through social media.

Put simply, CSR is the ethical behaviour of an organisation or company. There are two common CSR exercises carried out by company’s.

1- Contribution to charity in the form of time or monetary

2- Environmentally sustainable actions

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone, the growth of social media as revolutionised the way company’s conduct their CSR. Company’s now have the ability to promote their CSR activities further and faster than ever before. Social media allows company’s to raise awareness of the causes they are supporting so other can also join.

In return, company’s acting ethically give people a reason to share their brands messages and actions. Joe Marchese, CEO of SocialVibe, a Los Angeles-based startup that runs and takes care of CSR campaigns for brands such as Kraft and Powerboat states that

“What we’ve learned is it’s not the cause, but it’s the idea of a brand truly doing good that has significant impact through social media”.

He goes further to add,

“When you do something good, it used to be that you had to buy a bunch of media and tell people or do PR. Now, the potential is for people to tell each other that you do good.”

For growing brands and upcoming organisations, charities and CSR actions are an effective way to expand their brand through the tool of social media.

Here are three tips to get the most from your company’s CSR via social media:

1- Know your audience 

What good is it to speak in a language only you can understand?

Spend time getting to know your audience and the language they use, phrases they say, styles they like and methods of communicating they use.

By talking their talk, your audience will find it easier to engage with your messaging and understand your actions.

2- Don’t be afraid to talk back

Social media is phenomenal for the ease of two-way communication. It has allowed for customers and stakeholders to easily ask questions and pose viewpoints.

This opens the window for genuine conversation.

When customers ask questions or put forth their opinions you must reply. There is nothing worse than a company not answering questions on their Facebook pages or Instagram photos.

Spark authentic and transparent conversations over your social media platforms. This will also allow you to learn what it is your stakeholders think of your CSR activities and better understand your audience.

3- Share, don’t sell

It’s painful to see organisations showcase their fabulous CRS activities only to sell or promote a new product. Audiences feel used and lose trust of the brand through social media actions like this.

CSR communications are best used to increase brand trust. Share the good work you’re doing as a company, and encourage others to get involved. Simple.

Have these tips helped? What are some other crucial tips you have discovered to get the most from your company’s CSR through social media?


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